Thursday, 7 February 2008

The Beginning

Obession. After talking with D at work I am now obsessing about getting a folding bicycle. A Brompton M3L to be precise. I WANT IT NOW.

Getting a bike is good idea. It's expensive but still a good idea. My current journey is tough. When I drive I to leave very early to ensure that I get to work just before 9am. If if I go by TRAIN it the same and I either way I'm still at risk of delay at some point in the journey. A bike gives me a huge flexibility of routes - with an Oyster Card. I can't do the whole route on TWO WHEELS, it's too far.

I discovered that I can get to North Greenwich tube stateion and then either go through Central London for £2 or go via Stratford for £1 up to Seven Sister.

I could save up to £7.40 a day. I currently pay £9.40 for a day return. And it the whole system goes DOWN I just get on the bike.

Sounds great. The minus is the cost. Plus I worry that it will just another FAD for me and I won't be cycling this time NEXT YEAR. It's crazy to start cycle again at my age.

I am not giving up my CAR so a good folding bike will supplement me getting around in these crayy days of increasing congestion on the road and trains.

I am being carried away an elaborate FANTASY I have of whizzing around looking effortlessly stylish. Reality will be very very differen and I often let myself get caught in the web of 'when I I get this or when I get that'.