Friday, 8 February 2008

I am going to die

I am really tired and a little ill. I brought my Brompton today and I LOVE IT. It is a wonderful ride. But I am really unfit and I live in an area of fast traffic and HILLS. It took me just under 2 hours to get to and from North Greenwich tube station. I had to get off and walk for a part of the journey. I live near some WONDERFUL views. The journey alongside the RIVER was fabulous. I am not sure I would do the same trip in the dark. I will use the bike to get to work tomorrow but leave plenty of time to get there.

I will try the busy route along the Woolwich Road to the DOME, North Greenwich. I will not do the right turns along the big road. Not confident yet. I can just get off and cross the road when I need to. I am doing the busy route until I can build up my stamina and do the hills.