Friday, 22 February 2008


One of the of things that nearly put me off cycling to work is arriving in a sweat just before I start work. The following works for me
1. Make sure I use lots of antiperspirant on biking days
2. Clean clothes. ( Bad smells comes from bacteria/dirt in clothing.)
3. Cycle slow going into work. (It is also downhill)
4. The more I cycle the more stamina I gain and less energy/heat I generate.
5. Carry a small pack of unscented baby wipes for just in case.
6. Carry small atomiser of perfume
7. Keep antiperspirant in desk drawer.
8 Carry water and drinking while travelling keeps me cool.
9. Give myself plenty of time (see 3.)

I find that I arrive a little flushed but not damp or soaking. The final leg of my journal is only 5 minutes on the flat.

On the way home is a different matter. It’s uphill and I arrive damp and I just strip off and head for the bathroom.