Saturday, 1 March 2008

While I like to carry everything I need and everything I think I may need, truth is I can’t continue to do this and carry and ride the Brompton. Well not until I get really fit.

So I have been looking for suitable bags to sling over my shoulder. I still love my Brompton pannier but I would like to just be able to sling something over my shoulder and go.

So the hunt is on for the perfect bike bag or bags.

So far I have looked at Crumpler messenger bags. Been to the great shop on New Oxford Street and I even brought one. But I took it back. The strap was too stiff for my shoulder and back. Crumplers seem to made for either very strong people who will carry everything or delicate people who just need their keys and wallets. I exaggerate, and having looked at the website I just need to find the right Crumpler for me.

In the mean time I have gone for a bag by Jost. I love it but just a tad too small for my everyday work journeys but great for just popping to the shops trips. Lots of lovely pockets for those things I can never find in a big bag!

I will also continue to use my lightweight Muji shoulder bag. I love this bag but it is too soft and not rain proof for the bike.

Photo of Black Jost bag

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