Saturday, 11 October 2008

Taking time off from worry

Work is draining. I have got lots of stuff to do and like everyone else I am worried about everything. I thought ‘sod this’ and I cycled to the Dome this morning. I haven’t done this journey since my first weeks after I got the Brompton. It was a beautiful day. I got to North Greenwich tube in 30 minutes, no sweat. As usual the station was closed for engineering works. (This station is rarely open at the weekends.) The O2 was open and security guards admired the bike while at the same time warning me that I could not cycle on the forecourt (private property). The building work has expanded alongside the Dome which has closed the cycle path just before tube station. A new college is being built.

I cycled back along the Thames Path to the Thames Barrier. There were boats on the river outside the Yachting Club, I passed runners and parents cycling with their children and the Ecology Park was blooming. Once again I was surprised at how much fitter I am since February. Slopes that I couldn’t do before without effort were easy. I remember struggling just to find my balance while cycling around tight corners.

Sadly the path ends at the Barrier and I had to get back onto the main road. There was a traffic jam just outside the Woolwich ferry but I cycled between the cars (a previously scary feat) and left the queue behind. I cycled home along an empty dual carriage- way.

Note to self. Stop listening to the news and get on the bike instead.