Friday, 24 October 2008

This thingy bit that keeps the chain tight

Just outside Seven Sisters tube station my chain had come off. I could still cycle but I could hear and feel it wasn’t right. Usually if I back peddle this will guide the chain back into the right position. However this didn’t work and when I flipped the bike into fold position the chain came off. By this time I was inside the tube station and had plenty of light to have a look. Having never having removed the back wheel before I had no idea how the chain should be. I turned it upside down, put the chain over the large sprocket but it was still loose. I was about to give up when one of the male tube staff came up and said the bloody obvious, “You’ve got a loose chain and pointed at the bike.” I was too angry to say ‘sod off’. Then I noticed the thingy bit, which is an arm/lever. Ah Ha! The chain goes around the thingy bit. 30 seconds later the chain was back on. I had to work out which way the chain went around the thingy bit.

Lesson 1. Use anger to keep going rather than taking it out on someone. Lesson 2. Go to bike maintenance class.