Thursday, 27 November 2008

Fake fur

It is cold this week and I given that I had to make a couple trips back to Shepherds Bush I got out the faux sheepskin books brought from M&S last year. I got a pair in black but I have worn them out and now they are only good to potter around the garden in. I didn’t wear these ones at all and I was about the give them to charity but decided to hold on. Yes I am glad I did. They work well with straight leg (not skinny) jeans. I wear them over the boots with a folded cuff.

I have also wearing my mother’s very old circa1950s fake fur coat. My sister had it but wasn’t wearing it. She also has another fake fur coat which is much better and she doesn’t wear that either. So I am cycling slowing in fake fur, a wooly hat and Timbuk2 bag slung over my shoulder. Actually I am not that slow.

I am warm and toasty.

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