Thursday, 25 December 2008

Ladywell Fields

I went cycling before breakfast and the opening of presents. I ended up at Ladywell Fields which is behind Lewisham Hospital. Very cold. Kept warm with my faux sheep skin boots.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Cycling at Christmas

I made a last minute trip to Woolwich. I still cannot get over how much easier the hills are since I have the CORRECT TYRE PRESSURE. I am all done for Christmas and I off this evening to spend the holidays with family. I will take the Brompton in the car. I used to go for a run on Christmas morning (not every year) and it is good to go for a walk before dinner. This year I will be on the Brompton!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Last day job no 2

Yes. I can finally stop working and just do Christmas. I am struggling with papers from my second job. I had to go to court and then I went to Selfridges to get stuff olives (very busy in the Food Hall) and magazines for when I want to collapse on the sofa. The Brompton has been really handy over the last couple days. Once a week there is some kind of delay on the trains due to an incident or signal failure and the train get re-routed onto another line. On Monday I got as far as Blackheath but I just go out and cycled home. Took 30 minutes.

Riding is much easier now I have pumped the tires. Must do this regularly.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Pump it up

I decided to pump up my tires as I had to carry something heavy on the Brompton today. (Christmas present.) I went to the Brompton site to check what the tyre pressure should be and I discovered that I have been cycling on almost half the pressure I needed. Cycling on the wrong pressure makes cycling a lot harder and damages the tyres. Previously I have just been checking the pressure by poking the tyre. If I can dent it then pump it up. Wrong. Tyres need to be very very hard.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Drinking & riding

I went out for the Christmas dinner (work) in Soho last night. I knew I wasn’t going to drive because I was going to drink some wine. I am not a big drinker or even a regular drinker so I immediately feel the effects of a little wine. I opted to leave the Brompton behind although I could have taken it as I only had one glass. The good thing about having a bike is that you can just walk it home if you can cycle and best thing about a Brompton is that you can get a taxi, bus or train.

I don’t think it’s illegal to cycle while under the influence of alcohol, just risky.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Last day at work

Today is my last day travelling up to Seven Sisters to work before the Christmas break. I got some mince pies at London Bridge Station to share to at work. There was a huge queue at the M&S and no where to lock the Bike so I just wheeled it around. Love my bike and love my Timbuktu 2 bag that can and does carry everything I need.

Friday, 12 December 2008

I need the boots

It has been unusually cold before Christmas this year. There has been frost on the ground when I have left in the morning. I’ve been very grateful for my fur coat and long boots that I brought a while ago from New Look which are sturdy but still stylish. Because of my big coat I can’t get any of my reflector bands around me except my ankles.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Four wheels bad two wheels good

I have spent the last two days in my car doing the old journey to work. Mistake. On Tuesday I travelled into work via the Blackwall Tunnel up to Hackney and Stamford Hill and then Steven Sisters. I made this trip at lunch time. This is the best time to make this trip, very little traffic unless there is an accident. I had to use the car because I was running late due to an earlier meeting in Penge. Of course the trip home was different. I spent 90 minutes getting home which is the usual time it would take after 5pm.

Again this morning the trip in wasn’t so bad. In fact I left at 8am about 45 minutes later than I would if I was going by bike.

But this evening. Aarrh. It took over 2 hours to get home. An hour just to get through Stamford Hill and then another hour crawling along the A12 to get to the Blackwall Tunnel. I had to use the car again today because I had to do a couple collections including picking up my big fur coat which had been repaired. This trip only served to remind me that I hate making the journey to work by car and even though my trip by bike and public transport also takes 90 minutes or longer if I stop off to go somewhere I am physically moving and getting some exercise. The train or tube may be packed but I can still read, or draw. People drive aggressively because they just want to get to their destination and it is easy to fall into this mindset too.

I am back on the Brompton tomorrow.