Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Four wheels bad two wheels good

I have spent the last two days in my car doing the old journey to work. Mistake. On Tuesday I travelled into work via the Blackwall Tunnel up to Hackney and Stamford Hill and then Steven Sisters. I made this trip at lunch time. This is the best time to make this trip, very little traffic unless there is an accident. I had to use the car because I was running late due to an earlier meeting in Penge. Of course the trip home was different. I spent 90 minutes getting home which is the usual time it would take after 5pm.

Again this morning the trip in wasn’t so bad. In fact I left at 8am about 45 minutes later than I would if I was going by bike.

But this evening. Aarrh. It took over 2 hours to get home. An hour just to get through Stamford Hill and then another hour crawling along the A12 to get to the Blackwall Tunnel. I had to use the car again today because I had to do a couple collections including picking up my big fur coat which had been repaired. This trip only served to remind me that I hate making the journey to work by car and even though my trip by bike and public transport also takes 90 minutes or longer if I stop off to go somewhere I am physically moving and getting some exercise. The train or tube may be packed but I can still read, or draw. People drive aggressively because they just want to get to their destination and it is easy to fall into this mindset too.

I am back on the Brompton tomorrow.

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