Wednesday, 21 January 2009

New Boots for the bike

I have had these for a couple weeks now. There are from Clarks (still my favourite shoe shop). I got them in the sale after waiting until they dropped below 50 percent in price.

Squashed bike pump

I was carrying a lot of stuff on my back and on the bike last week on Oxford Street when I heard a clunk and the back wheel seized. I got off to find that the Brompton bike pump, which I have never used, had slipped off and was squashed between the spokes of the wheel. I was more worried about the wheel than the pump. But no, all the spokes are fine. No damage at all. I guess this is down the to strength of the wheel. It has to be strong enough to carry an adult and so it is not going to put off by any tin & plastic pump!

I am not going to replace the pump. I haven’t got the strength to use a hand pump to get the pressure I need or even close. Cyclists generally carry pumps to allow them to do repairs on the road. If and when this happens to me with the Brompton I will be getting public transport or just wheeling the bike home.

The Mac is back

Finally sorted out my internet problem. Turns out that the fault was with my router which meant shelling out for a brand new one. I’ve upgraded and now everything is working and a lot faster too.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Problems with the Mac

My Mac is sick and I am having trouble staying on line. I am currently using my very tiny ASUS Eee PC and testing out Firefox ScribeFire blogging add on.

It works!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

From Woolwich to Canning Town

Just as I was resigned to making long trips to North Greenwich tube station I discover that the brand new Dockland Light Railway (DLR) has finally opened this week at Woolwich Arsenal. Yippee! It only takes me 10 minutes to cycle to this station and then I can journey via a slightly different route to Seven Sisters or Central London and still save money. I was working at Job no 1 in Central London today and I was at Oxford Street in just under a hour with the bike. I had forgotten the fun of travel on the DLR where you can sit in the front carriage and look out and pretend you’re driving. Like being a kid again.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I can't afford not to cycle more

With the rise of the cost of train and tube fares this month I have decided to cycle more to save money. A one day peak time travel card is now £10.

It's my own fault as I had stopped using my bike for what I had intended. I got the Brompton to get some exercise and reduce the cost of travel to Job No 2 in Seven Sisters. I also couldn't bear sitting in traffic for up to 2 hours one way any longer.

I originally cycled to my nearest tube station North Greenwich (February 2008) and with an Oyster Card (very cheap pay as you go travel care in London) it cost me for a single journey. But this was the time I was learning to cycle and I became very sore and tired and this went on for months. In the end I started going by main line train (still using the bike for some of the journey) and I was paying £9.40 per day.

I now have the stamina but I was just too lazy or in a hurry to cycle more until I saw the new fare prices. For £10 in petrol I could drive all around London for a week or more. So I am back to cycling to North Greenwich and the return cost is £2.20 (went up by 20p). I can now do the journey to the station in 35 minutes and I am no longer struggling to fold and carry the bike at the interchanges.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Cycling in heels again

I've been trying out my new Clark boots on the bike. I think that 3 inch heels are the maximum for a bike. You end up scraping your heels on the ground if you get too low.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

My face is frozen

I decided to cycle to the shop to get more food. It was very sunny and I wore my sunglasses, but I needed the faux fur coat. It was so cold I lost feeling in my cheeks as I was whizzing down Westcombe Hill.