Tuesday, 13 January 2009

I can't afford not to cycle more

With the rise of the cost of train and tube fares this month I have decided to cycle more to save money. A one day peak time travel card is now £10.

It's my own fault as I had stopped using my bike for what I had intended. I got the Brompton to get some exercise and reduce the cost of travel to Job No 2 in Seven Sisters. I also couldn't bear sitting in traffic for up to 2 hours one way any longer.

I originally cycled to my nearest tube station North Greenwich (February 2008) and with an Oyster Card (very cheap pay as you go travel care in London) it cost me for a single journey. But this was the time I was learning to cycle and I became very sore and tired and this went on for months. In the end I started going by main line train (still using the bike for some of the journey) and I was paying £9.40 per day.

I now have the stamina but I was just too lazy or in a hurry to cycle more until I saw the new fare prices. For £10 in petrol I could drive all around London for a week or more. So I am back to cycling to North Greenwich and the return cost is £2.20 (went up by 20p). I can now do the journey to the station in 35 minutes and I am no longer struggling to fold and carry the bike at the interchanges.

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