Sunday, 22 February 2009

Problems getting on line

The Mac Book is back from the Apple Store with a new keyboard and case. I got a new router last month. What else could go wrong? The server! Virgin are down again. Couldn't get on line for 2 days last week and I have been told that it will be another three days before broadband will be restored. So I am using the mobile dongle which is dial up and is therefore slooow and subject to cutting out.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

First Birthday

I have owned the Brompton bike for one year as of yesterday. As the snow had cleared I went cycling to Greenwich today to mark the occasion and to remind myself of what it was like to cycle this time last year.

Points to consider, 1 I am not scared of traffic as I was back then, thanks to the Cycle Training Course. 2 It doesn’t take me so long to get anywhere because back then I had to take all the side roads to avoid heavy traffic. 3 I can cycle most hills without feeling painfully out of breath. 4 My body did eventually adjust and my saddle soreness, tender knees and sore thumbs went away. 5. I got stronger. I can carry a bike & a courier bag full of stuff and in heels. 6. I still love it. Despite all the anxiety and pain I really enjoyed cycling and I still do.

Looking back it seems crazy to buy a bike in early February but now I think it was the best time. I had to get used to the cold winter weather and dark days straight off. I already knew how bad it would get when I started so I just kept going.

The Brompton is now a little battered. It has scratches on it from falling over in trains. The seat has a small split underneath from carrying the bike by the saddle and once again one of the reflectors on the peddles has broken off and needs replacing. I lost the bike pump last month. But the gears are still perfect and the wheels are the strongest I have come across.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Winter Bank Holiday

Heavy snow has given us all an extra day of work. According to records it is the heaviest in London for 18 years. Of course I cannot cycle but I did see a couple bikes out on the main road. No buses or trains were running. Some tube trains and the Docklands Light Railway managed to get going for a short while A few cars were able to move around but most got stuck on hills.

People went out and took photographs of the snow and played. This was the first real holiday we had because no one could go shopping which is what generally happens on holidays.

Someone had abandoned their snowman on the path