Sunday, 8 February 2009

First Birthday

I have owned the Brompton bike for one year as of yesterday. As the snow had cleared I went cycling to Greenwich today to mark the occasion and to remind myself of what it was like to cycle this time last year.

Points to consider, 1 I am not scared of traffic as I was back then, thanks to the Cycle Training Course. 2 It doesn’t take me so long to get anywhere because back then I had to take all the side roads to avoid heavy traffic. 3 I can cycle most hills without feeling painfully out of breath. 4 My body did eventually adjust and my saddle soreness, tender knees and sore thumbs went away. 5. I got stronger. I can carry a bike & a courier bag full of stuff and in heels. 6. I still love it. Despite all the anxiety and pain I really enjoyed cycling and I still do.

Looking back it seems crazy to buy a bike in early February but now I think it was the best time. I had to get used to the cold winter weather and dark days straight off. I already knew how bad it would get when I started so I just kept going.

The Brompton is now a little battered. It has scratches on it from falling over in trains. The seat has a small split underneath from carrying the bike by the saddle and once again one of the reflectors on the peddles has broken off and needs replacing. I lost the bike pump last month. But the gears are still perfect and the wheels are the strongest I have come across.

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