Thursday, 21 May 2009

Old shoes new bike

Cycled all the way to Bromley for a meeting on the Trek. I took my red shoes but wore these for the cycle trip.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Shoes by Art

Love at second sight. Saw them yesterday and went to another branch today and brought them. Put them on straight away and then got on the Brompton. The shoe are made in Spain by a company called Art.

New shoes, new shoes

New shoes and the Brompton.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

This works

The yellow cap by Raleigh that I got for under £10 from Argos

Friday, 15 May 2009

Bad weather no Brompton

I got caught in a heavy down pour this evening but I was on the Trek not the Brompton so I got wet. I had my Raleigh rain cape so I only got a little wet around the knee area. If I had the Brompton I would have just gone by tube to the train station and stayed dry. Ah well.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Other Bike in My Life

I got another bike in April and I love it. But I feel guilty because I thought it meant that I was letting go of the Brompton. No chance. The new Brompton saddle is perfect and very stylish. Using another bike has only made me appreciate how great the Brompton is.

I got this bike from the very good Bike shop, Brixton Cycles. It’s a Trek Navigator. Not cheap but half the price of the Brompton.

Why did I get the bike. I mainly use the Brompton when I am commuting across London. Perfect for someone like me who lives in the bowels of South London and 40 minutes away from the nearest tube station, and now 10 minutes away from the new DLR. I got the bike because I need to do a local trips and I live on a hill and I am surrounded by hills. I need more than the 6 speeds on the Brompton to get around. Plus most local journeys are not on train routes and I dislike sitting in my car unless I really have to do this.

The Trek with it’s 21 gears gets me up the hills including the one in Greenwich Park. It is light although it looks similar to classic steel cycles and Dutch bikes. It has the all important chain guard so I have been cycling in my flared jeans with no problem.

The downside is that unlike the Brompton I can’t just slip it into a corner at home and it is taking up space in my dinning room. I cannot travel with it on the train during peak times and when I do get on the train I have to stand with it to ensure it is out of the way of other travellers. I cannot take it on the tube and sadly not the DLR either. In London I can take the Brompton anywhere, even on the bus. The Brompton is still the best but it now has a rival.