Friday, 15 May 2009

Bad weather no Brompton

I got caught in a heavy down pour this evening but I was on the Trek not the Brompton so I got wet. I had my Raleigh rain cape so I only got a little wet around the knee area. If I had the Brompton I would have just gone by tube to the train station and stayed dry. Ah well.


Jim said...

I am a week old Brompton owner, residing in East Dulwich. Your site has been very helpful, many thanks. Just wondered where I could get hold of one of those rain capes, or something similar, a google search wasn't overly successful.


Cycling in Heels said...

Hi Jim

Hope you are managing those South East London hills.

I got this cape for £10 from Argos of all places. I found it worked better than the expensive one I first brought. I have just checked the Argos website and it is still available.

Go to

I couldn't fit the link in but you will find it under Sports and Leisure then follow the links to Bikes and accessories.