Friday, 28 August 2009

Last day at work

Today was my last day at my part-time job in North London. I got the Brompton last year because the journey to work by car was taking it’s toll on me. I also had long-days when I often had to stay beyond 5pm. Having the bike really helped but after three years I am burnt out and I decided to leave.

I still have my freelance work and this means lots of journeys all across London and occasionally beyond. So the Brompton will still be used as well the Trek. Traffic is still heavy in London with ongoing road works because of the replacement of watermains so I will not be returning to full-time use of my car.

So the challenge will be if I don’t have to cycle will I still use the bike in the winter?

Photo of the contents of my Espirt bag taken by my phone.  Will I be carrying less stuff in future?

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Warm summer days

In April we were told to expect a heat wave this summer. Apart from a week of very hot days in late June we have had a mixture of warm sunny days and some rain, mainly at night. It has been the best summer I can recall. Not too hot and the odd wet & cool day which takes care of the garden. I didn’t want a heat wave. Who can work or cycle in extreme heat?

But it will soon be over. It is already dark at 8.30 pm.

Cute but cheap shoes

These lovely but very cheap (£7.99) H&M flip flops lasted five minutes on the Brompton pedals. I had to come back and put on my sturdy but quirky Spanish clogs.

They looked fragile but I hoped they would be stronger. They are still in one piece but they would not have lasted the full trip and I would have been bare foot in the West End on a Sunday afternoon. But then I would have just gone and brought some more shoes!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

For sale

Folding bike for sale outside Brixton Tube Station. Cost £75. I didn’t recognise the name of the make. I was initially stunned that the owner was prepared to leave the bike all day, but then I thought the area is well covered by CCTV cameras so perhaps it is one of the safest places to leave your bike in London.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Up West

I had a return work visit in West Brompton today. The weather prediction was for light rain so I got out the berry coloured. ‘Art’ shoes. I caught the train to Cannon Street then sat reading, with the Brompton by my side on the Tube (District Line). I love that despite having very good public transport connections compared to South London the citizens of West Brompton love their bikes.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

The new clogs go to Canning Town

The clogs held up well on the ferry and cycle trip to Newham.

The Naturalist

I saw them and they were an instant buy from ‘Shoon’ shoes. The sale was still on and I had to choose between these and the red ones. But as I already have red shoes that I am very happy with (at the moment) I opted for tan. They are by another Spanish company, El Naturalista which translated into English means The Naturalist.

Love those Spanish shoe designers.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Rose tinted glasses

I have been using sunglasses when cycling in the sun but the glasses from ‘Next’ are dark and it means flipping them up when the sun goes in so I can see better. There are also low light but windy days where it would help to have some form of eye protection but not a dark shade. I looked at the sport type sun visors while in Compton bike shop but they were a lot of money and I wasn’t convinced that they were any better than ordinary sun glasses. But I found these cheap and cheerful sunglasses by Foster Grant in the supermarket. A fraction of the price and full UVA protection. I now see the World in pink.

The Brompton is shiny again

The Brompton finally went in for a service and I collected it from Comptons today. I had the rear tyre replaced as it was beginning to show wear. They cleaned it up and it should be good to go again. Didn’t get the chance to go for a ride as we had heavy rain all afternoon.

Posh flip flops

Got these from Office shoes yesterday. They are the replacement for my Per Una sandals which are not likely to make it to next summer.

I don’t usually buy shoes from Office. I like the styles, but they don’t use soft leather and they are as expensive as Clarks. In short, a little over priced for the quality.

Not sure if I will be cycling in these just yet. The weather is turning to rain.