Thursday, 10 September 2009

Saving money

I keep forgetting to use my Oyster travel card. I’m generally in a hurry to catch a train and I just automatically go to the station instead of going to the Docklands Light Railway in Woolwich. But a one-day travel card is £10 before 9.30 am, which is bit of waste of money when I am cycling around the centre and not using the card. I heard that by next year we will be able to use the pay as you go Oyster card on all trains. About time. I don’t mind travelling on the DLR in the mornings but on the way back I want the option of a direct train and a seat from Charing Cross home.

I saved £5. I need the cash to pay for my shoes.

No problems standing in the new Mary J shoes on the Tube.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cycling in Heels,
I hope very much that you have registered, and will be taking part in the Brompton World Championships at Blenheim Palace.
I believe there is a prize for the best dressed, as well as the fastest. No lycra required!

PS: What is it with girls and shoes?
(probably the same as it is with boys and toys)

Suede Shoe said...

No thanks. It's a bike race and I don't move that fast.