Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Wearing purple

I don’t have a bike vest. I only used one when I was doing my cycle training last year when it was compulsory along with a helmet. I do have a florescent sash/belt that I wear when I am wearing my black coat while cycling. I generally rely on colour or the outfit to ensure I am seen. My light coloured rain coat is beginning to wear out, so I went to look for another one, same colour but I was swayed by a vivid purple one instead. It does the job, I got noticed in traffic.


The Bronze Bombshell said...

To increase my visibility, I put retro-reflective tape between the spokes of my wheels--lateral visibility is very important. Unfortunately, I bought a package at an auto parts store that ended up having red and white tape in it (there's absolutely no red on my bike otherwise). I probably look like a rolling candy cane at night, but at least I'm seen! I would've preferred this though.

GB said...

I like this idea. I will go and look for some tape for the Trek. I don't need it for the Brompton as the tyres come with a strip of reflective tape on the actual wheel.

aka Suede Shoe