Sunday, 18 October 2009

Looking after shoes - the bare minimum

Looking after shoes is painless compared to a bike. First thing I do with a new pair shoes is to spray them with a leather protector. This keeps the rain and light dirt off. If I spray well enough it should protect the shoe in a good down pour. I mean a light spray that is then repeated an hour or more later. The only pair of shoes I haven’t sprayed immediately are my new M&S black suede boots which come ‘protected’.

I keep most of my shoes in boxes. I will use the box they came in until I get a set of shoe boxes from Lakeland. These are clear and I can see where each pair are. I now have boot trees to support my boots when I am not wearing them, but before this I found that a couple of thick magazines rolled up does the same job.

I use a wire brush for any suede shoe and for leather shoes I will eventually use one of those sponge polishes in neutral.

Easy work.

'Tate Shoes' by the Spanish shoe company 'Art'.

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