Thursday, 26 November 2009

Brompton lights - On Off!

I haven’t been on a bike for a week. At first I was unwell then it was the very windy wet weather and for the last couple days the Brompton has been at Compton Cycles as I decided to have the dynamo lights removed.

Thanks for all those who sent advice on lights, it made me realise that I really didn’t need them and I was fed up with the fact they had become unreliable. Compton Cycles confirmed that Brompton have changed the dynamo lights since I got my bike. The final straw for me was the wear on the rear tyre made by the dynamo.

I collected the Brompton today and I was so pleased to get it back. No charge from Compton Cycles (thank you thank you).

After discussion with Compton Cycles I am thinking about upgrading to Titanium but I am not sure I am ready to sell my Brompton. I love it.


Joseph said...

Titanium! I couldn't justify the marginal weight savings for the such a premium - plus I like having the extremities painted. How did you come to this decision?

The bottle dynamo is bad news, it's a step in the right direction (renewable energy) but unfortunately it is a bad implementation.

Have you had a look at Reelights, or the other (pricier) one?

Cycling in Heels said...

I think you may be right. After I wrote the post I went to Compton Cycles site and I was stunned by the price! Unless I get loads of money or a very cheap way of getting this bike I will not be changing anytime soon.

For now I am going to stick to battery lights until I recover from the memory of the hassle of these old ones.

Joseph said...

Good stuff, I suppose you could always pay some shifty looking teen, standing outside an Evans a couple of £50's; of course you would need a quick gettaway (hope you can unfold in under 5 seconds), and a politician/bankers conscience ;)

I recommend the Smart superflash 1/2 watt rear light from Wiggle, it is very bright although a pain to fit on the rear frame fork. You can get a front and back set for £14 (although the front does interfere with the fold so yo need to remove it first).