Monday, 30 November 2009

Cold fingers

It is now too cold to cycle without gloves. I got these royal blue leather gloves last year from Marks & Spencer with a gift voucher I had been given. I have only been using them occasionally because I was worried I would get chain oil on them. When I first got the Brompton I seemed to get spots of oil on my gloves which hid the stains because they were black leather. I was still getting use to folding and carrying the bike back then. But my black leather gloves have now split from age and use. I am reluctant to buy another pair when I have these blue ones and a pair in dark brown. I will have to wait for another voucher.


Anonymous said...

Ahh leather gloves... They tried to make it taboo, 'woollen gloves work just as well' they said, what about the maintenance, the murder, the expense, but in the end few things beat them.

Just make sure you dry them well (although I think I'm preaching to a choir of ministers here as your blog is part-fashion) as I didn't after a the last typhoon we had. Unfortunately I also ended up forgetting about them, thus when I found them again had the pleasant task of getting rid of mould :(

Back to new again fortunately.

What are you wearing to keep you dry during the winter (would be great if you can suggest something for men other than a poncho :)

TV's Mr Snooker said...

What a beautiful colour...