Monday, 2 November 2009

Pink Shoes

I am still getting used to the cold so I decided to cheer myself up and go and try on shoes I have no intention of buying.

This pink patent courts are by New Look. They have a hidden platform so to the wearer they are not as high as they appear.

I think these would work very well on the bike as the pink colour would be seen on dull winter days.


Joseph said...

Thanks to your previous posts (specifically about the rack) I've now ordered a M6L :D Thank you!

What's the Brompton like in the Winter?

Oh, and nice shoes :)

Suede Shoe said...

I am really pleased. Glad the information helped. As for winter I am thinking about it. This will be my second winter with the Brompton.

Elizabeth said...

l'm feeling this shoes so cute

Anonymous said...

Oh ! they look marvelous !