Monday, 14 December 2009

Bloke & Basket

I noticed this basket first as it was going across Oxford Street then I saw it was being carried by a man who was returning to his chained up bike. I had to ask him where he got the basket and he told me it came from the bike shop Bobbin as did his bike. I had been to Bobbin before but they have now moved to bigger premises in Angel. Bobbin sell traditional upright bikes and lots of accessories. I’ve been thinking about getting a wicker basket for the Trek so I think I will be making a trip to Angel to check out the new Bobbin shop.


Joseph said...

Brilliant! I'm sold, I will be collecting my bike this weekend and the next thing on the list (bar helmet which I intend to purchase on the day) is a basket!

Bobbin sound a fantastic store, I like their bikes, emphasis, and approachability. Will see if I can get one to attach to the M6L :)

Dottie said...

More men should put baskets on their bikes!