Friday, 22 January 2010

Big yellow cape keeps off rain

I am tired. Had a long day and a long week. Still the highlights were cycling on the Brompton with the Timbuk2 on my back. Cycling does make me feel better when I am tired. I have been using the Brompton for the past three days, in the sun and rain. I got out my big yellow cape again. I have only used it twice.

Nearly forgot. There were three Bromptons on the train home this evening. A little rain is not going to stop us.


Anonymous said...

Being the style-conscious yet pragmatic individual that I am, I had considered a cape for cycling. Problem was that I couldn't find one, especially one under £50 so I looked towards light-weight jackets. I am going to place an order for a Regatta Light-weight waterproof jacket. Costs a tenner or less.

Anonymous said...

carradice ones are £20 for what they caled seconds. mine had a very small blemish. more than happy to have more than 60% off. i love my emergency cape, tho a bit flappy in the wind