Saturday, 16 January 2010

Bikes are back in town

We got rain on Thursday and hey presto the snow was washed away. I have not got back on the Brompton but on Friday while I was in the West End I saw the London cycling community are back on their saddles.

I caught these two traditional bikes parked in Goodge Street. They look related. I like the basket.

I then saw this fetching two tone Brompton (white/black) in Tottenham Court Road. I particularly like the aqua with pink flowered bell. I have never seen a non-Brompton bell on a Brompton. It is difficult to fold the bike up with large accessories. The owner wasn’t around to ask how they managed it.


Miguel said...

I have one of these on my Bridgestone commuter:

They're plenty loud. They'd probably not impede the foldup.

Joseph said...

Not quite possible for us 6 speeders, it's the Brommie bell or nothing.

Still, it is charming to have a bell on the bike. Something more bike manufacturers really ought to bring back.