Monday, 25 January 2010

The Brompton continues to rise

The London Standard newspaper is currently running a series of articles of cycling in London. On Thursday 21.1.10 they profiled the rise of the Brompton. There was a picture of Andrew Ritchie, designer of the Brompton along side Will Butler-Adams the current managing director. I would have brought my Brompton regardless of where is was made but the fact it is a British bike and made in London is the icing on the cake for me.

For the full article by Nick Curtis in The Standard click this link.

The above image is my now crushed copy of The Standard, the original photograph of Ritchie and Butler-Adams is by Daniel Hambury.


Anonymous said...

True, if it was Chinese yet known for its great quality, ethical operations, and good customer care then I would have still bought it (although maybe not at that price.) However, the fact that it is British almost sky-rockets it into teh same league as walking on water: Well-made, Good Customer Service, Ethical Operations (perhaps less uncommon) AND BRITISH!!!

Where do I sign!

Joseph said...

Married at 61, love is a fascinating thing.