Friday, 19 February 2010

Something to brighten a wet week

I got this bicycle ‘ping’ bell from Bobbin Bicycles on Wednesday. I had to replace the bell I got a couple months ago for my Trek bike. Nothing wrong with it, but it was a little fiddly to use and I prefer a ‘ping’ sound. This bell is a tiny globe of baroque flowers. Love it. I was so pleased with my bell that I forgot to get the name of the maker. Next time I am in Bobbin I will ask.

It has been raining and wet most of this week and the one dry day we had I was on the Trek cycling in the West End and Angel. I have not used the Brompton all week. But I saw man riding a pink Brompton along Charing Cross Road and two very speedy Bromptons, one red and the other green weaving in and out of traffic in Piccadilly. Whenever I see other Bromptons I miss mine.

The sun has returned this morning but I have to wait for an engineer because I have no hot water. But after it is fixed I am jumping on the bike and back to a hot bath. Bliss.


Joseph said...

Very nice bell. Alas, the 6-speed already incorporates a rather fiddly bell into the derailler gear shifter - another reason for a 3 speed ;)

There seems to be quite a few men riding pink Bromptons, is this signs of an attempt to reclaim the colour as masculine?

info said...

Did you ever find out the maker of the bell? I would love to know!

Cycling in Heels said...

No I haven't. But I will give Bobbin a call by the end of the week.

Anonymous said...

What al lovely thing !

Emma said...

Hi, love the blog! Did you ever find out the name of the bell manufacturer? Have just got a second hand L5, and cycling through the park this morning, I realised I need one!

Cycling in Heels said...

Hi Emma

I did go back to Bobbin Bikes and I asked them but they did not know either. They just get various bells from their stockists. Because the bells are so cheap and I don't think they keep the same stock year after year and they are not listed on the Bobbin Bike website either. Sorry.