Sunday, 7 March 2010

Lost shoe


I saw this lost shoe in the middle of the road as I was cycling to the supermarket yesterday. Had I been in my car I would have missed it entirely, or even run over it. It looks so cute and was by Clarks. I took pictures and put it on the wall by the road and it was gone when I made my return journey.

I am sure my love of Mary Janes is the need to make up for the lack of shoe choice I had when I was little.


wee folding bike said...

That's kids for you. One of ours was devoted to a stuffed Pooh Bear about 6" high with a big plastic butterfly attached to its paw. Occasionally he left it places and we would have to make 40 mile round trips to get it back before bed time. It went astray at the child minders and a number of households were on Pooh alert before it was found... just as it was going to be put in someone's washing machine because she thought it needed a good clean before she sent it back. We even got him a spare one, last Pooh in the shop, but it was no good because it wasn't HIS Pooh Bear.

green ink said...

Aww! I had shoes like this when I was little too. My mother actually bought a sculpture of shoes like this because they reminded her of the ones I wore as a littlie.

So interesting how these things get lost, and disappear.