Thursday, 11 March 2010

Regret & gratitude

I had two people comment on my Brompton while I was out today. The first was by a man who was travelling with his wife at London Bridge Station. I thought he was going to ask for directions, something that regularly happens to me when I have the bike. I guess people assume that cyclists know their way around. (I don’t as that is what Google Maps are for.) He said that one of his biggest regret was selling his Brompton bike. I expressed sympathy for his loss.

The second comment came from a staff member at Waterstones Books in Piccadilly. I was returning a book brought in haste. Th staffer looked over my shoulder to the bike on the floor and said, ‘my friend said that getting his Brompton was one of the best things he did’. I said (with a smile) that I have had mine for two years.

I still can’t believe I have been cycling for two years. I am almost a veteran and no longer a wimp. I have no regrets and I am very grateful that I cycle.


Cinaed said...

And I am very grateful that you blog! Thank you.

wee folding bike said...

Do you find that your knowledge of London has improved since you started to cycle?

I only lived there for three years, stayed in Kilburn, worked in Kensington, but I know my way round a lot of north and central London. I OK on the south west too because I stayed in Wimbledon for a few months. I cycled most days, occasionally walked and rarely used the subway.

Bromptons were rare then. I saw Richard Balantine with one in Evans. I used a 1950s Claud Butler.

I had a much better idea of where things were than many of the locals because they would use the subway and pop up at the stations but had little idea of what was in between. Even 20 years after I moved back to Scotland I'm quite happy to cycle round London or drive if I have to. Yankie movies annoy me because every journey in London involves driving past Buckingham Palace and across Tower Bridge.

Cycling in Heels said...


Glad to be of help. Thank you for reading.

Cycling in Heels said...

Interesting question WFB. I did do a lot of driving around London until I got my bike. I still travel to the same areas but now I can see the detail of the areas.

I know what you mean about films about London focusing on Tower Bridge, Piccadilly Circus and double decker red buses. But don't blame the Americans. British directors do the same thing or mythologize the city. What about the film Notting Hill.