Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Cycling by the water to the shops

The sun came out and I took the Trek on the ferry to the shops at Gallions Reach in Newham. When it is sunny I could ride the ferry all day. The five minute ferry ride is the closest I get to a day at the seaside. There is a graceful and elegant way the two ferries swing around in the water, around each other and then dock.

The cycle path to Gallions Reach was a lovely ride and a complete contrast to the Silvertown cycle route in the opposite direction. So the London Borough of Newham has gained points for this path. The only tricky part is just after you leave the ferry where you get the car and lorry traffic. I cycled across Manor Way bridge where Royal Albert Dock runs and you can see the end of a runway on the water that is part of London City Airport. I enjoyed the ride on good roads and a clear cycle path. This part of Newham is still fairly desserted and covered with brushland, which I found very peaceful. But I don’t think it will stay this way for long as there are signs of new buildings on the way.

Wore my new Camper shoes again.


sheffield cycle chic said...

I remember when this was all fields - or something like that! Well what I actually remember is a massive marketing campaign for Galleons Reach on the tube when I first moved to London 13 years ago. The massive cost of a zone 6 travel pass did somewhat negate the not so cheap house prices! We bought a flat in Stokey instead... and walked to the tube at Islington everyday. I wish I'd had the courage to ride in London - it would've saved several weeks of my life.

Cycling in Heels said...

I have the same memories. The reason I finally passed my driving test because I got a job in Newham in the time before the DLR arrived! It was mostly wasteland in the South of the Borough.