Thursday, 27 May 2010

Cycle Chic vs Cycle Challenge

 Two videos which hit my radar this week. The first is by Streetfilms is on the rise of Cycle Chic across the world. The second is by Transport for London to announce June 2010 as Cycle Challenge month. The purpose of both films is to inspire you to get on a bike. Only one of these videos works for me, sorry TFL.  But to be fair to TFL they are addressing the fact that cycling with someone else will get you on a bike and if you cycle for a month maybe you will keep going. I see the logic of that. It’s just the film is informative but a little dull.

I note that neither film features any folding bikes. In my own completely biased opinion, folding bike owners who also wear their own clothes are style mavericks with a strong streak of pragmatism. We rock.


hawthorn said...

yup - I agree, the TFL's intentions are good, but the production won't necessarily inspire, where as the funk feel of the Streetfilms makes you want to get out and get on your bike!

wee folding bike said...

Head of Modal Policy must be a made up job.

What on Earth would you do all day?

Joseph said...

It does seem a tad uninspired, that TfL production; serving the usual request in the form of a petty challenge.

I guess it boils down to push vs pull. TfL are trying to push people into cycling, in spite of many unanswered questions regarding safety and convenience; whereas the Streetfilms production makes one eager to join in, a happy participant there of their own volition.