Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hat and sandals

Today was my first trip on the Brompton for over a week. I was working from home this past week and any trips I made were done by car. I also had to deal with a roofing and garden crisis. The climbing Jasmine shrub at the back of my house had invaded the roof and guttering which caused a flood. I can’t believe that 7 days ago in London it was cold and raining. But that’s spring weather in London for you.

I have brought a straw trilby hat from GAP along with a pair of strappy sandals to cope with cycling in the sun and heat. The sandals are more secure than cycling in flip flops. I got a pair in black too. Having used my Trek bike yesterday I was taken off guard at the speed of my little Brompton. My hat nearly flew off as I was freewheeling down hill.

Speaking of speeding Bromptons I see that the Japanese Brompton Championship is next week on the 30th May and the World Brompton Championship will be in October 2010. Registration is open to the latter from now. Hmm. Do I enter this year?


wee folding bike said...

Sheldon Brown knows a bit about hats:

I usually wear a skipped cycling hat. It keeps the rain and the sun out of your eyes. Why they cost a tenner I don't know.

Cycling in Heels said...

Just had a look at Sheldon Brown's hats. What a collection, what a beard!

wee folding bike said...

I once had a disagreement with the late great Sheldon Brown about what 180 degrees meant.

35th SSEAYP Singapore Contingent said...

Hi there, i'm from Singapore.
I just bought an apple green brompton M3R 2 weeks ago and your blog really helped me in my decision tremendously!

Anyway, I will be in London in my girlfriend on 11 June for a holiday! Can't wait. and the weather looks good, looking at your latest post.


Cycling in Heels said...

Congratulations on your Apple Green Brompton. Hope the weather holds out for your holiday next month. It was in the 80s today.

Mike A said...

Hi, I've not called in here for a while - great to find you still blogging and writing interesting stuff. There is a prize for the best dressed at the BWC, so why not chalk one up for the slow but stylish? :)
We could do with some more cycle chic in the UK.