Friday, 7 May 2010

Red Satchel

I have just had a birthday and I was given a beautiful red satchel handmade by the Cambridge Satchel Company. (Thank you M.)

I love the colour and size. This one is a 14 inch. No, it cannot do the job of a standard messenger bag like the Timbuk2 but I am beginning to realise that I miss not having an ordinary smaller bag at times. I have faithfully used my Timbuk2 for 2 years which is a long time for someone who buys a new shoe every two months. My Timbuk2 bag is also beginning to look worn.

I had considered getting a ‘Brooks’ bag once upon a time but was put off by the expense. This satchel is a good alternative when I need something classic and I don’t have to carry a lot of stuff. Oh yes, they come in a range of colours including tan.

I have had a glimpse of the new Brompton bags on the Brompton site. To tell the truth I am a little disappointed. I thought that teaming up with Ortileib would produce a more interesting range. Brompton bags now come in two additional colours to black. The very expensive tan leather ‘A bag’ (£350) or a shiny pink ‘O bag’ produced by Ortileib. I don’t find any of the new bag styles interesting enough to want to part with the money. My Ortlieb Zip City cost £60 last year and still works for me. But to be fair I haven’t seen these new Brompton bags in the flesh so I may change my mind.


Joseph said...

Happy Birthday! That is a very fetching bag. I have come across that company in the past and was considering buying one, although my approach was somewhat more utilitarian then, so the unmarked Adidas canvas bag had to do.

I may get myself one for my birthday however :)

Milo said...


Have you considered Carradice's 'City Folder' bag, custom-made for Bromptons, water-proof, 25-litre capacity, utilitarian colours, probably last forever?


Cycling in Heels said...

I have seen them before but was put off by the colours and the strap is too thin for a bag of this size. I also am not that keen on the reflective company logo that appears all over the bag. If they start making them in red I will think again.