Friday, 2 July 2010

Black leather bag

In my search for a formal alternative to the great and wonderful Timbuk2 messenger bag I have been using for the past two years I have found this.

This bag fits the bill for those formal work occasions when I need to bag that I can cycle with on my bag and then show up at an appointment in style.

It is expandable and can carry large files, and all my stuff. When it is not full it flops in half. It has a caramel coloured lining so you can see everything inside. Although no pockets on the outside the inside pockets are well placed and hold my purse, wallet, phone and camera. What sold it for me was the large wide adjustable strap. Too often large shoulder bags do not have a wide enough strap which means that it is painful to carry a full bag on your back. My Brompton bags do not get used because of the thin straps and dark inside lining.

I got the bag in Fenwick department store on New Bond Street in the West End of London. I rarely go to this shop but I was shopping with M who was tracking down a tote bag which is now only sold in Fenwick and I came across this. It is made by a company called Moroccan Bazaar which I had not heard of before. Beautiful.


Joseph said...

Pretty good! The search still continues here for a largish bag I can carry stuff in but mount on the front of the Brompton.

I guess I may have to settle for the sadly generic C-Bag or T-Bag. I have also considered buying a rack for the Brompton, but would rather not since it is only needed for a fraction of my journeys.

What I need is a clippable rack on which I can then tie my holdall onto. That would be the answer to all my Brompton storage issues. Apparently there is one sold in Japan...I'm sorely tempted to enrol in a college Metal work class instead.

She Rides a Bike said...

Lovely bag. I love bucket bags. I initially thought it was a vintage Coach bag. I'll have to do a Google search for that brand.

Very nice blog, by the way. I enjoy your footwear very much.

Cycling in Heels said...

Thank you for stopping by again. I am enjoying reading your blog too. Hope you find those perfect flats