Saturday, 24 July 2010

Reading about cycling

I did intend to go out on the Brompton, but it was hot and the latest edition of London Cyclist  magazine from the London Cycling Campaign arrived this morning so after I did the gardening I came back inside to get out of the burning sun and put my feet up to read.

Articles of interest are:

1. The campaign for better bike parking in London - Many times I have been grateful for being a Brompton user because of the lack of secure parking in some areas of London.

2. An update on the new Cycle Hire Scheme due to hit London this Friday 30th July. I am not sure about the scheme but I hope it works out because it is just too expensive to fail and the fallout will stop any other grand vision scheme for cyclists in London

3. Info on the LCC work on the new Superhighways cycle routes that opened this week. The positive aspects are being overshadowed by the hype.


Joseph said...

Sounds like you need a default route: I recommend going from Canary Wharf to the Houses of Parliament, you can modify the ride to include your favourite spots, perhaps try out that swanky new joint, 'Look mum no hands' < > and a few other spots. Then you'll always have a reason for a pootle, regardless of the time.

I was interested in a few of the LCC articles too, especially the congratulatory message to London Waterloo Station regarding their smart handling of affairs by introducing a designated bicycle park for 500 bikes, with a continuous bike lane leading up to it. Whoever came up with that idea, and those in charge of implementing it really ought to be given a pat on the back and held as an example to other stations and terminals.

It was interesting what they said regarding bicycle parking and town councils, even more interesting was the call for secure bicycle parking in hospitals. I remember you mentioning that one of the hospitals you visited had very poor facilities regarding cycle parking. When a security guard is so cavalierly inept that they shrug their shoulders at bike thefts happening on their own turf, regardless of CCTV, then that is a sign for new staff and a call for a serious focus to be put on prevention.

I must admit, this edition of LCC got me more excited than most the previous ones, I was considering letting my membership lapse, but now that they are pushing for actual changes (rather than self-promotional fluff a la non-specific 'education' for this and that) I think I will renew it for another year.

One biggie that has to be nailed is the HGV issue.

Cycling in Heels said...

Thanks for the route advice. I have been intending to go to Look Mum No Hands after reading a review.

Agree that LCC seems to taking a more proactive role recently and yes the HGV issue has to be tackled and soon.

Tomer said...


i am very exited . i finally got my brompy.

it's great .

i wanted to ask you how robust are the shifters , because when i folded them the handle bar swinged and the shifter got hit by a low bench.

no harm done "(it seems) this time.


Cycling in Heels said...

Hi Tomer

Glad to hear that your Brompton has arrived.

If are a new owner of a Brompton and having problems or are worried then get back to your dealer. The advice and any correction work should be free (it is in the UK) because sometimes, new bikes have problems.

Brompton do have a warranty that explains what they will replace if things go seriously wrong and you should check this out on this page link:

If you have ongoing technical questions then you could join a Brompton discussion forum like the Yahoo group Brompton-talk Here is their link:

Here you can just say that you are new owner and put your question on the forum.

Enjoy your Brompton!


She Rides a Bike said...

I've a little about London's Superhighway for bike and it sounds like an ambitious project. Hope it works and hope I have the opportunity to visit London again and try it out myself.

Cycling in Heels said...

You will also be able to use one of the new hire bikes too!