Friday, 6 August 2010

Squeeky clean

I took the Brompton on a trip to the shops to check all the gears were ok following the service. The cable was initially stiff but that is to be expected because it is new. All the dirt has been removed too but of course will be replaced this winter with the rain and snow. All of the six gears are fine.

The only difference is that the Brompton squeeks. This is quite loud as I break. I am assuming this is a combination of the wheel rims and break-pads being cleaned and will therefore eventually disappear. But I don’t recall it squeeking like this when I first got the bike and I don’t recall it this being like this after the service last year.

On the plus side is pedestrians can hear me and so stay out of the road.

I have gone back to wearing my old Topshop fabric flats as it has not been warm enough for sandals this week.


Gareth said...

I cleaned my Brompton the other weekend. This involved cleaning the chain with GT-85 to get the grease off (similar to WD-40 and works a treat). On my first ride after cleaning, my brakes squeaked quite loudly. I therefore cleaned the rims with soap and water and now they are squeak free. I assume the cause of the squeak was the GT-85 solvent/oil mix getting onto the wheel rims.

Cycling in Heels said...

Thanks for the info.

Joseph said...

Very true, a good dose of oil to the suspension block is also recommended (when it squeaks)

wee folding bike said...

Sometimes rotating the suspension block will cure it too.

Cycling in Heels said...

I am going to test it in the West End this week. I think having squeeking wheels are better than a bell.