Friday, 10 September 2010

Brompton on film

I just love the look of this Brompton in this film by Transport for London. It is part of their series of films for the Catch Up with the Bicycle campaign using famous people and everyday folk talking about why they love cycling. I notice that there is no actual mention of the name Brompton but I guess this is not to give Brompton an advantage over other folding bikes.

But I’m saying it. IT’S A BROMPTON!


wee folding bike said...

I have occasionally had to drive the van for stag weekends in London and the other guys eventually spot that I don't use an AtoZ.

I haven't lived there for 20 years but I did know a lot of the city better than the locals who used the subway.

J said...

I like that video, that and the one with the woman on the Pashley moving in slow motion (despite travelling faster than those around her) are my favourites.

These would translate well onto TV or cinemas since the Boris Bikes are in the cities conscious. I cannot see many instances where people will go to the appropriate part of the TfL site for the videos, unless they are viewed on such blogs - in which case it is nice but preaching to the converted, from TfL's point.

I like the use of the name 'collapsible bike', it has a sort of anachronistic touch to it which seems to resonate well with the timeless styling of the Brompton (even if it is an S-Bar), and the city. However, whilst I'd agree that cycling does give you a good perspective of the city, I am unsure about orientation: I still find parts of Kensington a maze.

Leslie said...

How about a 'Cycling in Heels' version, an appreciation of London by Brompton, filmed on mobile phone?

Cycling in Heels said...

I also like the Pashley bike video and I may post it here too.

I think cycling gives you a better perspective of the pockets of the city that you live, work and shop in.

Alas I can't do this with my iPhone as I have the pre-video version which I got two weeks before Apple upgraded the phone! I could probably do a video on the Harinezumi 2 camera which will give it a lovely vintage effect.