Friday, 3 September 2010

It wouldn't be summer if we didn't have a strike

I have been cycling in town on the Brompton and enjoying the last days of summer. The number of Bromptons around seem to be on the increase but that could be me looking out for other Brompton riders. It is hard to get a snap of Brompton cyclists because we are fast movers, unlike these two cycle hire cyclists that I caught on camera at the lights in Covent Garden.

I have received an email from Transport for London informing me of the underground strike due to start on Monday evening and last through to Wednesday. If it goes ahead central London will see an increase of cyclists and it will be a good test for the Cycle Hire scheme which should now be available to the casual user. I have an appointment in North London on Tuesday and I had better get the tires pumped up and plan my route.

Last chance to wear another pair of Clarks shoes from my collection. They come with air holes so they are cool in the heat. I found them about 4 years ago in the mens section at Clarks but to me they are clogs and clogs are unisex so I brought them.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it seems that the casual use scheme has been 'pushed' to the end of the year. Perfect since that then gives Serco the opportunity to then push it into the spring since cycle numbers undoubtedly go down during the winter.

Same old same old.

Charmaine said...

Hi - I saw in the news today about the London strike...good thing you have your Brompton to get around. :) Bikes save the day again! :) Charmaine

Anonymous said...

Here in Ostend, I often see Brompton-riders on the dyke. Most of all they are middle-aged. We salute each other when passing by.