Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bags made for the Brompton - Cyclodelic

I saw this Brompton bag back in late October in the bike shop Velorution. It is made by Cyclodelic a site which produces cycling clothing and accessories for women. This bag is a one off and uses the pattern of the old style clip on front bag that Brompton used to make.  I brought one in black two years ago but rarely use it because it doesn’t hold a lot of stuff, has a black interior and I can’t find anything in it.  But looking again at the same bag in red you can appreciate that the basic design was a good one. I love the colour combo on this bag. Red and vivid purple. I would happily keep opening the bag just to look inside.

Downside is that these are now only available to order but it means you can choose your own colour combination. The one in Velorution was £180.00 but I think if you order it will cost more.

I have checked on the Cyclodelic site and there is no mention of the bag. I was informed by Mary at Velorution that you need to send a email to Cyclodelic to place an order for your bag and agree a price.

(Yes I noticed the two tone yellow and green Brompton!)

NB. Sorry about the fuzzy photos.


Elizabeth said...

thanks a expensive bag

Cycling in Heels said...

Agree, but I guess it is about much you love it or whether you want one specially made for you.

Si said...

For our Brompton Lejog I had my Stepdad stitch up some littler bags (about 12litres) to cut wind resistance..

made a paper mock up first. pics here:

Cycling in Heels said...


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