Sunday, 17 July 2011

Suede Clogs by Clarks

I got these suede clogs in the Clarks sale. Heels with a platform means that you get the height without the pain. They come with a soft suede insole too. A good addition to the summer shoe collection.

However I am not sure if they will make good cycle shoes. Of course cycling in clogs in tricky but I had no problem with my last pair by El Naturalista. I have even cycled in flip flops so I was caught by surprise when I found that these clogs just slip off the pedals if you are not careful. I can see that although Clarks have put on a rubber section on the sole and the heel the rest of the shoe is a smooth varnish wood which doesn’t grip at all on a bike pedal.

I took sandpaper to the wooden sections of the sole but I am thinking of putting on thin strips of gaffer tape just to make sure.

18.7.11.  Opps.  Forgot to upload this photo.


Chandra said...

Those clogs look nice. I use Dankso men's clogs and they do slip on platform pedals, sometimes. I might try the gaffer tape idea, so thanks!

Peace :)

Leslie said...

Be careful. Slippy shoes = loss of attention, which can't be a good thing in London traffic. Cool is good, but safe is better.

Cycling in Heels said...

Hi Chandra. I have put some tape on but not tested it out yet.

Leslie, until I get it sorted I will not be pedaling in traffic.

Natasha said...

I have these clogs, but they are not very comfortable :( I guess I have very sensitive feet... boo hoo.. poor me :) :P

Cycling in Heels said...

N. I wear mine with a pair of 'toe socks' which I keep to use with shoes like these. Sadly I can't seem to find anywhere in London where you can still get them.