Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Brompton meets a rival

The Brompton and I made another trip to Chingford this afternoon. On the third part of the journey (train from Liverpool Street to Ponders End) we were joined by another folding bike in the carriage. The bike was made by The Saxon Bike Company and is called the 'Fold it' bike. On the internet it states the retail price as £199.99. I couldn’t find any details about the bike company on the internet. It looks sturdy but I admit that I would not trust a bike that cheap and without information about where and how it was made.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Time to switch on the lights

The shorter days have arrived and I am now back to carrying my lights. I will get fresh batteries today as my main lights don’t look as bright as I would like. These lights have done well for the year. I will throw out my cheap lights because the cost of battery replacement is more than the cost of the light but they did last for over a year. I got a spare set when I found this out.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Yesterday Chingford, today Hornsey

I am back to traveling with the Brompton by underground train. I have avoided this over the past month due to various reasons, the weather, the summer crowds and feeling too tired to carry the bike up and down stairs. But the sun has returned for a final burst and I have had a couple of long distant journeys across London and just outside my usual area. I was in Waltham Forest yesterday an outer London Borough but if you take the overground train to Chingford you are outside the travel card zone for London. Instead I took the train to Enfield and cycled the rest of the way. Lovely ride too. Today I was in Hornsey which meant a trip by tube train to Finsbury Park. Had a quick chat with another Brompton cyclist at Kings Cross. We agreed that it was at times like this when you have to navigate the stairs and escalators we should have brought the titanium version. To get to Hornsey from Finsbury Park you have to cycle up the hill, but it was too warm so I got off, wheeled the bike and picked up chestnuts. Freewheeled back down on the return journey.

I have barely worn my brogues this year, a perfect transition shoe for the changing season.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

It rained!

So much for the predicted weekend sun. It rained today so learning to screenprint at Print Club turned out to be a better a choice than the Sky Ride after all. I was able to park the Brompton in the studio by the print aprons and later on another bike arrived. This bike is Swedish by a company called Skeppshult and the owner got it from Bobbin Bicycles and added a Brooks saddle. She said it was very handy to for carrying her printing screens and she really appreciated the kick stand.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Brilliant weather for cycling this weekend

After the chilly and wet days we have had a final burst of summer weather in London and the good weather will last until Monday.  (On Tuesday I was in my boots and yesterday I needed sandals.)

Two cycling events going on this weekend in London. Today at 11.30 am the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain will launch their organisation with a ride to Victoria Tower Gardens in Lambeth for a picnic. I love their manifesto and the link is here.

Tomorrow is the Mayor of London’s Sky Ride now an annual mass cycling event. I will be cycling but sadly not with the Sky riders. I am booked to do a screen printing course in Dalston.