Saturday, 24 December 2011

A Warm & Merry Christmas in London

We are having mild weather this year.  A complete contrast to last years snow.  I have been cycling with no gloves on.  It was busy in central London on Thursday and difficult to find space to park the Brompton to avoid taking it into crowded shops.  As I was unlocking my bike to leave I found another cyclist waiting for the space.  By the time I got to Covent Garden I gave up looking for space and just pushed the bike into the shops.  The Brompton got a compliment at the Apple Store from an assistant who told me that she was getting a Brompton for Christmas. The photo of the Christmas tree is the view from outside the Apple Store in Covent Garden. 

I was able to wear my almost new ankle boots from Clarks.  I have had them since September but I'm only enjoying wearing them now because we suddenly got a brief late summer in early October and then we got a lot of rain.  Good rubber sole which gives a good grip on the pedals.  

No cycling for me over the Christmas as I am worried that I may get another flat tyre. 


She Rides a Bike said...

London must be so festive during the Holiday season. I wonder if the British endure the same controversy we in the States do regarding the use of the terms Holiday season vs. Christmas season?? I would think not but one never knows. . . .

I hope you go back the Apple Store and get a shot of the employee and her new Brompton. I am inching toward a Brompton purchase myself, perhaps in the next several months if an anticipated move to Denver actually happens. Fingers crossed!

Andrew Barnett said...

I always get nice comments about "Bumble-B" when i out & about with him :)

Cycling in Heels said...

We use both in the UK, but most people even those who do not celebrate Christmas say Happy Christmas because it is now mainly about shopping for gifts than a religious festival. The biggest fuss was how much was spent on the High Street and the Internet.

Hope you get your Brompton and a Happy New Year

Cycling in Heels said...

Bumble-B is a lovely name for a bike.

Colony said...

Hello, I've been following your blog- it's a lovely cheerful read! I love your mixing of shoes and a snappy bike!

I am the proud new owner of a Brompton and I will be blogging about my new commute from February (amongst other things!) I too love accessories but I'm more of a handbag girl!

Thanks for your advice regarding bags and also how to cope on public transport with your Brompton. It's been invaluable! All the best!


Cycling in Heels said...

Hi Roxy

Thank you and congratulations on becoming a Brompton owner. Glad to be of help and I will look out for your posts

Best wishes