Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year New Boots

Here are my new tan suede ankle boots I got in the sale at Aldo. I was looking for another pair of knee length boots to replace my current favourites which have seen two winters so far but I doubt will make it through a third.

These are spring boots but given the warm winter we are currently having I hope to be using them on the Brompton before we get snow in February. Then I will put them away and bring them back out for April. 

I am still looking for long boots.

These boots compliment my Orly Keily bag perfectly.


My Orange Brompton said...

All you need now is a Brooks saddle to complement the look.

Cycling in Heels said...


She Rides a Bike said...

That's a "Yes"!

I almost bought a pair of black ankle boots yesterday but deferred in hopes of finding my perfect black tall boots. A challenge due to short legs and muscular calves.

ACL said...

Don't you find that the wavy/jagged edge of the pedal mauls your amazing shoes, and don't you have trouble gripping the pedals when you're wearing stylishly smooth soles? I noticed your black Clarks boots have rubber soles, but these Aldos look smooth as anything!

I didn't know I'd have this problem until I started cycling properly, and realised that it's pretty hard on my shoes and the seat of my pants.

A quick and sad story to share: when I visited Catford Job Centre for a jobseeker's thing (I'm trying to become a teacher, but suffering in the meantime), a gang of about twelve security guys stood around me and refused to let me bring the bike in.

'But I can carry it like a suitcase', I said.

'No, it's policy; we can't let you in', the guard replied.

'What the idea behind the policy?' I queried. 'I have no money so need to ride a bike to my interview, and it's a folding bike so I don't have a lock. Besides, if I lock it up outside here, it'll be gone in five minutes!'

'It can be used a weapon', was the guard's response.


My major achievement in 2011 was to become a cyclist. That I am riding a Brompton - and loving it - is in no small part thanks to you and your blog. I would especially not have had the sense to buy a six-speed without reading your thoughts on the matter. Please keep it up!

I hope you had a great Christmas and new year.



Cycling in Heels said...

Hi Andrew

I have yet to try out these boots on the pedals, but yes there is a risk of damage. I have had only four pair of shoes that have been a problem on the pedals. One was a very cheap pair of summer sandles which I had to go home and take off. They were even too cheap for wearing outside. I have to be careful with my Office shoes (see 23.10.10. because the heel is covered in the same leather as the shoe. I have got a small dent in the heel. My Clarks Clogs (see 17.7.11 now have black gaffer tape on the soles and heels because they do slip off both pedals. Finally my old Clark heeled boots (see 21.1.09 despite having a rubber sole have got teeth marks. Not sure why because my other boots are just fine.

Sorry to hear about the Brompton being refused at the Catford Job Centre. That was mean of them. I wouldn’t leave it outside either.

So good to hear that you are now a proper Brompton rider too. Just in time for the Olympics as getting around London by bike will be quickest way in the Summer.


Chandra said...

Those boots and the bag look classy!
Great choice!

Paz :)

su said...

I'd love to have an Orla Kiely bag, but they are pricey, aren't they?

I ride a Brompton in Rome, Italy and had a similar experience like Andrew. Luckily the security saw me when I was going out (of a museum, where the wardrobe pleasantly accepted my bike). The security started to yell at me asking how I entered in the first place. It's just sad.

If you'd like to read more, I blogged about it:

Italians are inspired by Times' Cities fit for cycling campaign, you can sustain us adding #salvaiciclisti on your tweets!

Cycling in Heels said...

Hi Su

Orla Kiely is not as expensive as most designer bags and I got mine in a sale.

The Maxxi museum looks very nice and so does your green Brompton!