Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Sun and Snow

I have been cycling around London the last few weeks in a permanent state of cold and the reason why they are no photos for January is that I was too cold to take off my gloves.

The shadow photo was taken on the 1 February and marks the Brompton’s first mini trip outside London to Bexleyheath in Kent. It was sunny enough for sunglasses but the temperature was freezing. I took the Brompton on the train to Bexleyheath Station and just pedalled the rest of the way to my appointment.

It snowed on Saturday night which was a lovely sight on Sunday morning. Even better the temperature rose and by yesterday when I got on the Brompton to cycle to Woolwich the roads were clear. The snow has almost gone but the icy wind has returned.


ACL said...

Did you try cycling in the snow, G?

I did, though it was mad. Two slight falls, padded by the snow itself and the excellent super-tough Altura gloves I bought from Comptons a few months ago. I think the fear is not so much from falling off the bike as it is falling off the bike in traffic that isn't moving in a normal way.

Still, I learned that it's possible, and that it's actually easier to push a bike and walk than it is to walk without one, since the bike gives you extra points of contact. It'll be sleeping bag on the pannier in the future, though. That, or just battening down the hatches and saying 'no' to moving around when the weather's bad.


A x

Cycling in Heels said...

I did cycle in the snow last year but didn't get very far and I ended up cycling in tire tracks. I agree, it is easier to walk in the snow with a bike, it is a rolling walking stick. The only thing I found too difficult was cycling just as it actually snowing because the snow gets in your eyes. I don't have any ski goggles.

Best wishes