Sunday, 18 March 2012

Fabulous advice

Thank you to everyone for the good will messages and advice on protecting the Brompton following the near theft last week.

When I have travelled by train this week I have kept the Brompton beside me as I used to or placed it in the luggage rack in front of me so the bike is full view. I will consider locking the bike on those times my view is blocked and I like the idea of a lock with an alarm. I will track one down.

I have noticed there is a reduction in the the public places that will allow you to place your folded bike in the cloak room. The British Museum now have a weight and size limit. This is likely to get worse as we draw closer to major public events this summer. So it means, pack the lock or be prepared to take the bike everywhere.


Anonymous said...

There is a really comprehensive reviews of 'locks that work' on the lfgss site, including some of the alarmed ones.
Check it out.

Cycling in Heels said...

Thanks. I have looked at this review and sadly a number of the links are no longer viable. But I did see two alarmed locks that I will track down.