Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Taking an August break

I am taking part in the ‘August Break’. An idea started by blogger, photographer & writer Susanna Conway. The point is to rest from the keyboard and just post pictures for a month rather than write.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Saw the Olympic torch

I didn’t use the Brompton yesterday as I was working in Barnet, North London and this requires a long journey by underground to East Finchley and the heat and crowds at London Bridge at the moment is just too much to carry a bike.

At lunch time the Olympic torch passed through on the high way. I just about got to see the top of the torch bearer from where I was having lunch. Watching the torch bearers is the best event of the prequel to the games. They just look so happy to be taking part and you just feel happy for them too. But the downside to this occasion was the overpowering corporate sponsorship that surrounds the torch bearers. I can see the point of having the bus convoy covered in logos before and after the torch bearers as they are part of rolling traffic block that protects them. But giving out fizzy drinks, and corporate banners to wave it a step too far. Did no one think of providing small Olympic flags for the crowd? You can still have your logo on the handle and it could have been a keepsake. All my photos are full of coroporate ads and no torch bearer.

I used the Trek bike to get to the station & from my local train station and I wore my hand made leather sandals from Gohils on Camden High Street. I have had them for years and get them out them out whenever it really is too hot for anything else or when I am on holiday in the sun.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The World is coming and the Sun is here

Back on the Brompton again yesterday and today and it is burning hot. Like everyone who travels across London I am making alternative travel plans arrangements on busy days. Next Monday London Bridge will not be accessible for those of us who travel to Greenwich after 6pm. Yesterday I took an alternative route through Soho and cycled up Wardour Street. I had forgotten how peaceful Soho is in the monring. On the way back I cycled down Regents Street which for this week only had less traffic because the school holidays have begun. Regents Street and Oxford Street are decorated with flags from all the countries of the world who are in the Olympics.

I have missed the Olympic torch being carried through my borough but I am in North London tomorrow for work and the torch is due there so I may still see it.

It has finally hit me that the World will be watching London from Friday.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Getting out the flat shoes for the Olympics

We have one week until the Olympics opens in London. I have discovered the following
  • The VIP lanes on the roads appeared in Greenwich overnight
  • Cyclists can’t use the special lanes and we will be fined £130 if we do.
  • The Olympic cars in the VIP lanes are BMWs. I thought this was a ‘Green Olympics’.
  • Everywhere on train platforms you hear a recorded message from the Mayor telling us that public transport is going to be very busy during the Olympics.
  • We are told to avoid London Bridge Station. Tricky for those with journeys to the outer reaches of London and beyond.
  • After taking part in a trial run of being ushered into London Bridge Station last week, I plan to add an hour to my journey time.
  • There are walking maps that show you how to get to your destination in Central London.
  • The bright pink Olympic signs directing you to the various venues appear to start in the centre of town, miles away from the venues and give the impression that you are nearby.
  • There are still unsold tickets for events.
  • I don’t know if I can cycle because of the crowds and if I do I am not sure I want to leave the Brompton locked anywhere
  • It may be easier to walk if the rain continues.
No one knows if all the transport plans will work, but you can’t say that they didn’t try and that we were not warned. The games part will work and I will be watching the opening ceremony next Friday from the sofa.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Trying to look on the bright side

It is raining again in London. I think the last week that was rain free was two weeks ago, but maybe that was a dream I had. I haven’t been on the Brompton all week but I have seen lots of rainbows.