Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The World is coming and the Sun is here

Back on the Brompton again yesterday and today and it is burning hot. Like everyone who travels across London I am making alternative travel plans arrangements on busy days. Next Monday London Bridge will not be accessible for those of us who travel to Greenwich after 6pm. Yesterday I took an alternative route through Soho and cycled up Wardour Street. I had forgotten how peaceful Soho is in the monring. On the way back I cycled down Regents Street which for this week only had less traffic because the school holidays have begun. Regents Street and Oxford Street are decorated with flags from all the countries of the world who are in the Olympics.

I have missed the Olympic torch being carried through my borough but I am in North London tomorrow for work and the torch is due there so I may still see it.

It has finally hit me that the World will be watching London from Friday.


Chandra said...

Glad to note that the sun is back in your neck of the woods. Hope you get to see the torch!
Peace :)

Leslie said...

Sadly, it's all getting a little out of hand: