Thursday, 13 September 2012

Back on the Brompton

I barely did any cycling during August and I didn’t take the Brompton into the centre of London during the Olympics. It was easier and better to use public transport when I could, including a trip to the Olympic Park last Wednesday to see track events in the Paralympics. You get a free travel card to get you to your venue. I saw a green Brompton being wheeled through the park but it was too busy to get a photo. I think the owner was probably a member of staff as the security was high. The same as an airport. I will visit the Olympic Park again now the games are over as the venue is impressive. I want to see how the cycle lanes work and I want to go up the Orbit the art sculpture by Anish Kapoor.

Autumn is here and I have taken my Brompton for a late annual service to Compton Cycles. Got it back the next day all clean and shiny. Cost £99. This includes a replaced chain & 6 speed cog set which was worn. I have been for a test ride and there is now a smoother gear change.


The Brompton Bumble B said...

oooo can't wait to get back to Blighty now that its all over with. I wanna check out these bike lanes before they go to pot.

ACL said...

Comptons have been excellent all year; I've brought my bike back to them quite a lot of times with little ailments, and they've always tweaked her back into shape FOC. I should do a clean and service, but am skint! I bought a really handy (but bulky) bike stand to get into some basic maintenance myself; it really is essential if you're to spend much time fiddling with the back of the bike. I would never have even come across Comptons but for your blog!

Cycling in Heels said...

Impressive. I don't do anything to the bike except keep the tyres pumped and take it to Comptons once a year.