Sunday, 30 September 2012

Two tone Brompton

Yellow and black Brompton seen on Neal Street in Covent Garden this week. Note the heavy duty blue Arbus lock.


Anonymous said...

I lack the courage to lock my Brompton up outside even for a few minutes. As an experienced Brompton owner, do you think it is better to lock the bike folded up, in park, or fully unfolded the way it is the picture?

Love your blog, the bicycles and the shoes!


Chandra said...

Nice looking bike.
I would hesitate to leave the Brompton outside and go anywhere.

Peace :)

Cycling in Heels said...

I do leave my bike locked and I still have a very strong Arbus D lock. I only lock it in the parked position when there is not much room. However there are places I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving my Brompton. At the moment I am considering leaving the lock behind because of the weight and just taking the bike with me everywhere. After all this is what the Brompton is made to do.

Adam Edwards said...

South West Trains hire Bromptons in 3 colours: Red, blue and orange.


John said...

I love your blog too Grace and have been following it now for just a few weeks. I always look forward to the next instalment.

This is an unusual two tone Brompton. I would have expected the main frame to have been yellow with black extremities. It is certainly eye-catching candy.

I have a Brompton on order but my employer has several they lend to employees so I have an all-black one, 3 speed with M handlebars on fairly long-term loan. I've only had it a few weeks. I am supposed to only use it to commute/go to meetings on but have been taking it on 20 mile rides along the Undercliff road along Bournemouth sea front and other places.

Just as an expectant mother will clean her house to make a nest for her new-born, I as a male have been cleaning my garage and taking unwanted items to the tip to make way for my Brompton, two tone too in Turkish green and black. I can't wait and can hardly contain myself with the excitement of it all.

I was thinking of buying a Pashley Parabike but then thought against it as I would be worried about it in a rack on the train i.e. getting scratched by someone else's bike or the saddle getting nicked, or if there weren't any rack spaces available, so the Brompton sits snugly in the train seat footwell beside me where I can keep an eye on it.

Keep up the good work with your blog; it's a very enjoyable read of an evening.

John (Eastleigh near Southampton)

Cycling in Heels said...

Thank you John. Turkish Green and Black sounds good. It is only recently that I have seen more two tone Bromptons in London. At home I just park my Brompton by the front door.

I know what you mean about keeping a eye on your bike while on the train. I nearly lost my bike to a thief so now it sits with me or in my direct sight.

Never seen a Pashley Parabike so I will go look it up.


Cycling in Heels said...

Adam. Just seen the Red and Blue hire bikes. Another good combo!

Piskian said...

HILARIOUS!Just a few spanner tweaks and this Brompton would be G_O_N_E...

She Rides a Bike said...

I struggling with the notion of locking my Brompton on campus. It's pretty active and I always see police officers and campus security on the mall between the two building were I have class but I wonder if I could just fold it and roll it inside. I only noticed recently that bikes aren't allowed in the building but I think that refers to full sized nonfolders, which makes perfect sense. If I do decide to lock it up outside, I'll definitely invest in the Arbus lock.