Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The cutest bag in the Brompton world

I came across the Ortlieb Mini O bag last week. I wanted to take it home but it is a little small for my needs even if it does come with a shoulder strap. The cost at Cycle Surgery was £80 same price as on the Brompton site. Reminded me to get out my Ortlieb zip city bag.


She Rides a Bike said...

It IS cute and I was very tempted as well. But yes, it is too small for my current needs and a bit out of my price range. Maybe once I graduate and become employed.

John Broadway said...


Lloyd Jason said...

It's a great bag for running around town. I use it for my wallet, camera, phone, and a small bottle of water.

Will B said...

I've had my eye on this little bag for a while now, but find it hard to swallow the price. In the end I went for a Carradice zip roll bag which goes under my back seat instead. However -- I'm hoping for Ortlieb to produce a bag for the front which is neither the very dull black/grey one nor the extremely bright pink one... something like white and black would do me. Then I would probably buy, even though they're also very expensive!

ACL said...

I bought this a couple of weeks ago from Comptons!

The shoulder strap isn't useful for me; I don't use it because it makes opening and closing the bag in a hurry fiddly when the strap attachments get in the way of the lid.

I rationalised the purchase as a photography art-related thing: with the padded insert from Ortlieb (taking the whole thing to about £100; yikes!) I can use it with a very small backback to carry my SLR whilst looking for pictures on my bike. In reality... I find cycling an anti-photographic activity, since I'm so concentrated on the road that I don't pause to admire the view.

The way the lid collapses slightly in the middle (you can see it in your bottom picture) has caused a slight, hard-edged crease to appear on mine. I think it was there when I bought it.

I can really feel the difference between using this and a full-sized bag; noticeably more aerodynamic. It's not just the lack of wait, but the profile.